Butterflies in the Sky

This was one of those patterns I’d had queued forever and was just trying to make time to get to it. Once I had a break in commissions I realized it was getting cool pretty quickly so I grabbed the yarn and cast on.


It knit up so quickly that in no time I had a lovely hat to keep my head warm. I love the texture of the stitch. I still haven’t blocked it but as soon as I figure out the best way I think I will as it could use just a titch more length. I love that the crown decreases are hidden in the butterflies.


I could almost see a whole rabble of these hats, all in different colors.

Pattern: Butterfly Hat by Sofiya Cremin
Project Page: Ravelry
Yarn: Cascade 220
Modifications: None


11 thoughts on “Butterflies in the Sky

  1. Stefanie says:

    Oooh, very pretty hat!


  2. chrisknits says:

    Beautiful! I love the design pattern. Just dunk it in a wash and lay it flat. I turn the item over often and move it to a dry towel for overnight.


  3. Very nice hat, it would get lots of use here today as it is really cold.


  4. AllyB says:

    Beautiful color, and the stitch pattern looks like fun. Nice job.


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