WIP Wednesday: More Skew

Fey Led – Still editing, have been busy with Holiday Commissions and such, so no progress

I started this pair Sunday evening and I’m already up to the magical origami / Kitchner stitch on the heel. I did this pair with the higher arch modification so I have a few more stitches to graft together but I actually enjoy grafting. Some say I’m strange. I’ve been knitting this in low light so I was actually a bit surprised at the photo, the colors are interesting.


Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi. I’m not very far into it as I’ve spent very little time reading. Though it was really nice to relax in Dragon’s backyard with lunch and read for a bit on Monday.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: More Skew

  1. Michelle says:

    The socks you’re knitting look like they have an unusual construction. The colors are turning out interesting. I’ll have to check back to see how it turns out.


  2. christina says:

    I have to check out that sock pattern. Really cool!


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