Psycho Dark Fairy Reporting for Battle

When I first started thinking of a persona to take on for Dagorhir I couldn’t think of anything that appealed. Then somebody mentioned the Unseelie Court and the wheels started turning. Slowly this idea formed. Where the demons gibber next to her and the dwarves roar their battle cry … her battle cry is “Wheeeeee!”.

All the sewing I’ve been doing lately has been for this crazy fey. She needed clothing, and while I’m all for the idea of a dress, it’s not the best idea for dying on the battlefield. But I found something that is kind of a dress and intended for leggings. While at the Ren Faire this past weekend I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get my friend to get a couple pictures.


Obviously the fairy wasn’t complete though, she needed a bit more before heading to battle. I happened to find a mask at Halloween Express that was soft and bendy, not likely to break before taking a lot of damage and abuse out on the field. It took 2 coats of acrylic paint before it was the shade I wanted. I had the idea of adding black to make certain parts stand out more but I’m not quite sure where I want those.


I didn’t think I was going to be able to have wings. Feathers would have been destroyed in the first battle. And since I’m willing to fall to the ground when I die, plus the danger of hurting somebody else, any wire shaped wings are right out. Then Jen at EPBOT posted this tutorial and I had the answer! My wonderful husband was willing to do all the crafting on these while I was up to my ears in sewing.


Finally I was ready to put it all together and have my dark fairy who’s just a little crazy.

I’m very thrilled with the final results as this is the first clothing I’ve made from a pattern, and only the second time I’ve made clothing, or really made anything on the sewing machine for that matter. I see a few things I need to change or adjust but those are little things.



6 thoughts on “Psycho Dark Fairy Reporting for Battle

  1. chrisknits says:

    Great job! I love the mask idea. The wings are awesome.


  2. Jeanny House says:

    I love your creativity here!


  3. Perfect mix of practical and whimsical. Love the whole outfit.


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