WIP Wednesday: Candy Corn Skew

Fey Led – Still edits, but not touched this week.
NaNo2012 – 19,440 – Should be at 23,338 by the end of the day to be on goal. I have struggled so much with this story. Yesterday being my birthday I declared that I was doing no work and that included writing. So I had a no guilt day off. Hopefully that will help.

There was a small problem with the yarn but the vendor was willing to replace the skein. So I was a little delayed on starting the second sock. No worries though, I have 4 pair of socks to make so I just started another one. I didn’t get very far at all before the replacement skein showed up though so I’ve been flying through that as quick as possible, even yesterday as knitting is fun, not work, even though it’s my job.


Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells. I’m enjoying the book, when I have time to read it. So far there hasn’t been a lot of reading time available.


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