Warm Hands

I had an extra ball of Cascade 220 sitting around, waiting for a pattern. I wanted something for me, something fun, and something quick. I went searching on Ravelry and eventually came up with this.

It was an interesting contruction that I’ve not seen before, starting at the fingers, casting on a thumb opening, and working back to the elbows. Were I to make them again I’d add a stitches to the palm to make them a little bigger, that would be fairly simple since it’s all ribbed.

I like them though and they meet all the criteria I had before I started knitting them. I think they’ll be lovely if Mother Nature figures out that it’s supposed to be winter and thus cooler.

Pattern: Cabled Glovelettes by Meg White
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Spruce
Project Page: Ravelry
Modifications: None intentional


11 thoughts on “Warm Hands

  1. Word Lily says:

    They look great! I haven’t knit mitts from the fingers down (or is that up?) before, either.


  2. ooooh, I like that pattern and the color yarn. Now I must favorite that pattern. I’m in a mitt knitting mood.


  3. AllyB says:

    Great mitts in a beautiful color. Those are really nice.


  4. […] The cabled wrist warmers I made for me required a hat. They did, they told me so. Plus I had enough of the ball left over to make a hat without sweating the yardage. […]


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