WIP Wednesday: Triforce Power!

Knitting Crochet: No shawl! I’m hoping to get pictures here today or the next so I can share on Friday. Meanwhile, the next project on the lineup is two Triforce Pillows.I’m suddenly finding the appeal of modular projects as I managed to start and finish 4 yesterday. I get the quick cast on and finish lift really quick from these. I need 12 yellow and 4 white triangles and then 2 strips of yellow. I think these are going to move quickly.


Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Ben H. Winters, with Jane Austen credited as co-author. I should have known I wouldn’t finish this past weekend if only because of working Space City Con. Apparently, not being home for 4 days, other than to pass out, wake up, shower, and change clothes really slows down your reading speed. Who knew! (laugh) Still enjoying the book though and having fun seeing what calamity happens to the sisters Dashwood next.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Triforce Power!

  1. Modular is always a nice change of pace. Looks like the yarn has a lovely sheen!


  2. Mistea says:

    Enjoy the modules, sounds like a bit of a puzzle. Will look forward to seeing that together. Happy reading.


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