Air and Water Dreamcatcher

A 7in ring wrapped in dark blue thread and webbed with light blue. In the middle is a 3in ring wrapped in light blue thread and webbed in white. Freshwater pearls were used in both rings, white for the larger one and dark blue ones in the smaller one. A crystal like prism hangs in the very center of the duo. 

10 thoughts on “Air and Water Dreamcatcher

  1. This is so beautiful! Gorgeous work!


  2. Kim Sonksen says:

    I am such a fan of Dream catchers and I love what you did here. Espcially the colour combination is awesome


  3. WonderWhyGal says:

    Beautiful! I love all of the beadwork.


  4. Beautiful. I haven't made a dreamcatcher in years… this brought back some good memories of my best friend and I in 5th grade. ♥Very nice work; I love that crystal.


  5. Shadow Byrd says:

    Thank you! I try to mix and match in new ways. 😀


  6. Shadow Byrd says:

    Thank you! It seems that a lot of people have good memories of them. 😀


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