Yarn Annoyance

Caron Simply Soft is supposed to be Soft. When I’m knitting with it it should be cushy and feel good under my fingers.

It should not be wiry. Or hard.

I just cut about 3 feet of yarn out of a skein because it was gross.

Last night I was knitting along while watching tv. Something didn’t feel right. I chalked it up to being ‘very’ tired and went to bed. I picked the knitting up again today and knit a few stitches. Nope, still off. So I did the silly thing and looked. The black yarn is about half the thickness of the white yarn nestled next to it.


So I begin working my way down the length of yarn back to the skein. I pass a little bump where some of the yarn has been pulled awkwardly. On the other side I compare it, still undersized and hard. Further down is a tangle of fiber fuzz so I cut that off but the yarn hasn’t returned to plump and fuzzy happiness. Even further down is a knot. And there is where my expected yarn returns. Out come the scissors, snip snip, and I’ve cut away the offending bits. Now to unpick the 8-10 stitches with the bad yarn and redo them with the good.

I’d complain more but out of the 7 or 8 skeins of this I’ve used in the past, I think this is the only problem I’ve found.

In brighter news, I’m on the last repeat of the piano scarf so it should be done very soon. Perhaps even later today.


4 thoughts on “Yarn Annoyance

  1. Shannon says:

    Dang – sorry about your experience with Simply Soft! I use it alot and haven't had any problems, but I guess every brand has the potential for manufacturing defects 😦


  2. Ugh I HATE when that happens! Especially because you have to join the yarn again, and it's just more to weave in at the end. I hope the piano scarf is ready for FO Friday! ♥ps. This font color is extremely difficult to read 0_o


  3. Shadow Byrd says:

    I suppose it has to happen every now and again. As long as it doesn't happen to long. 🙂


  4. Shadow Byrd says:

    Yeah, the whole reason I'm using 5 balls of yarn at once is to avoid weaving in a ton of ends at the end. Thank you so much for mentioning the font color. It wasn't supposed to do that and I'm not sure why it did.


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