WIP Wednesday: Scarves & Magic Balance

Magic Balance (Working Title) – Rewrites
Previous Word Count: 13,685
Current Word Count: 14,156 (Up 471)

Killer migraine for a couple of days puts a huge kink in productivity.


Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. I haven’t had a lot of time to read, since we were out of the house most of the weekend and I was pretty useless the last two days but what I have read I’ve enjoyed. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes and reading more. I enjoyed the last novel I read by the author, though it was a different genre. I have high hopes for this one as well,

You kind of get a two for one special here:

Yes that’s the piano scarf as the background. I decided not to focus on that for this week’s picture because, honestly, it looks the same as last week, only longer. I’m a bit over halfway through repeat 5 out of 6. I predict it being done very soon.

I couldn’t take it with me this weekend though and I finished my traveling project (pictures on Friday!). I needed something to do. So I got Lynn to help me wind up the yarn for the Autobot scarf I was commissioned for. Why yes, I am the freak that takes a ball winder with her when she sits in line for tickets, it’s easier that way.

Anyhow, while we traveled or waited for various things I played with the yarn to figure out how I wanted to do things. I cast this on 3 separate times while trying to nail down the technique. I’d get part of it but then have to figure something else out. I wasn’t bothered by having to start over though. 1. I knew it was something new and 2 I never knit more than 3 rows before I ripped back. Less pain that way. 


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Scarves & Magic Balance

  1. hannahw says:

    The piano scarf! And another scarf project too–you rock! I followed you over from KCCO and here is my project this week: My project this week: http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/04/crafting-on-with-needle-and-thread.html


  2. Shadow Byrd says:

    Thank you so much! 🙂 I love doing things that test me.


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