WIP Wednesday: Piano Scarf & Magic Balance The Return

Magic Balance (Working Title) – Rewrites
Previous Word Count: 13,254
Current Word Count: 13,685 (Up 431)

Woo! Look at that word count soar! </sarcasm> *sigh* Not been very free to write lately and it bugs me. Tomorrow’s another day though, no?


Pretties by Scott Westerfeld Still enjoying this world and the way the people interact. If I could figure out a way to prop the book open while knitting I’d be thrilled.

So … you may not have believed me about the Piano Scarf last week. Can ya see it now?

Still no? But it’s right there! Oh fine .. How about now?

Play me a song! *laugh* I’m having entirely too much fun with such a simple knit. Sure I’m juggling 5 balls of yarn (Which Dragon says is far too many by the way.) but it’s still fairly simple. I’m nearly done with the 2nd repeat of 6. There have been some learning moment, such as I must twist the yarns together every time I switch colors because otherwise I end up with a big hole that I’ll have to go back and fix but once I got the numbers figured out I was pretty much good to go. 

I am completely enchanted by the back side, a side that once I finish and sew it up nobody will ever see. It’s good that I’m charmed by it though. Currently the scarf and I are at that awkward stage where’s it’s too big to just sit on my lap and wants to keep slithering off. Then all the weight is on the needles and makes it hard to keep even tension. It’s also just a touch too small to fold up to fit on my lap easier. Hopefully soon it will have a growth spurt.


14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Piano Scarf & Magic Balance The Return

  1. hannahw says:

    That is very awesome!I found you through Frontier Dreams' KCCO. Here is my project of the week: http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/04/how-to-tuesday-bunnys-birthday-dress.html


  2. Natalie says:

    I see it, I see it, how cool is that piano?!!!!Really wonderful!x


  3. Vivianne says:

    That is a great pattern. If only I didn't detest colorwork, I might have been tempted 😉


  4. Heather says:

    Oh it's so exciting to see that scarf come along. I think it's going to be awesome when you're done.


  5. Shannon says:

    Oh that looks so fun!


  6. A piano scarf – what a great idea!


  7. Shadow Byrd says:

    Thank you! I love that my friends ask for things that push me past my typical boundaries.Those are some very cute dresses. 🙂


  8. Shadow Byrd says:

    It's way cool! 😀 I'm hoping for a full 88 keys. 🙂


  9. Shadow Byrd says:

    I hadn't even thought about it being colorwork. I added a new skill and didn't even realize it. 🙂


  10. Shadow Byrd says:

    I'm hoping for a full 88 keys and it's fairly accurate on size of keys so perhaps it could be used for a bit of practice. *laugh*


  11. Shadow Byrd says:

    I have a friend that asked for it, otherwise I'd have never considered it. I love it though. 🙂


  12. Kim Sonksen says:

    That scarf is absolutely amazing!


  13. Shadow Byrd says:

    I'm having a 'lot' of fun with it. 😀


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