Things I Learned on Vacation

Point the 1st:
You must find zen and come to the realization that it will be you and giant shawl forever, always knitting those “last few rows before bind off”. You must understand that there is no bind off for giant shawl. Giant shawl will forever live on your needles and never be complete. It is only then, when you find peace with this, that you finish the last rows and begin the triangles for bind off. Not a moment before.

Point the 2nd:
I have crazy beliefs on my knitting speed. I took enough yarn for 6 projects, the aforementioned giant shawl, 3 scarves, my travel socks, and yarn to cast on another pair of socks, just in case. Did I touch any of the projects other than giant shawl? Nope On the other hand, had I only taken 1 or 2 projects I would have flown through them and been sitting on the couch ready to knit with Nox hairs.

Point the 3rd:
I can design things … if given enough quiet time to think. I must also come the realization that putting it off for after I finish giant shawl is futile and will only result in frustration. See Point the 1st.

Point the 4th.
Shadow must have something on the needles that is for Shadow. Shadow loves knitting for others, absolutely adores it to be honest. But Shadow is finding that knitting her little heart out and then mailing every single thing away is a little hard. She needs to keep something once in a while. Shadow will set up scheduling so that in the future she has room for personal side projects … like designing and trying new ideas. 

Point the 5th.
Star Wars: The Old Republic is the perfect knitting companion as you can listen as they give you more story line. Doing this means you fall more into the story line and are more invested. It’s a great compromise. Life, and yarn, are good. Shadow’s knitting brain is reset and extremely happy to have things in order.


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