Behind Again

Day 18 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Craft Books.

Craft Books

It somehow seems wrong that the girl with over 1,000 books on her shelves has only 4 craft books. There’s an imbalance there and balance is always necessary. 

 Day 19 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Supplies.


Not all of my creative brain is tied up in knitting. I still have all my supplies for dreamcatchers and even have been working out details on a custom one that’s been requested. This is only 2 of the 4 boxes that I have. On the plus side, the seed beads can also be used for knitting. They’re useful like that.

 Day 20 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Finishing.


I try to do quite a lot of my finishing while the work is in progress, like weaving in ends. It makes it so much easier at the end when I’ve done multiple color changes or used several balls of yarn. Then I’m not staring at a million ends to weave in and feeling the urge to toss the nearly done project into the corner. And yes … that’s the baby blanket in the finishing picture, make of that what you will. *wink*

 Day 21 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Crafting Accompaniments.

Crafting Accompaniments

My husband Lynn has been the biggest supporter of this knitting insanity I’ve dropped into. He accompanies me to yarn stores, listens to me ramble on about fiber content, plays the part of a swift when I’m winding yarn, has attempted to hand wind a ball of yarn for me, makes suggestions on color and design, and handles most of the math for me. I really don’t know what I’d do without his support.


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