Balancing Act

Day 15 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is A New Skill.

Balancing Act

With commissions on the table to be done as well as my normal stuff I’m working harder to find that balance between my reading, writing, and knitting. Most of my reading these days is relegated to when we eat. I’ve been rather lax on the writing area but I’m making more time for that. Knitting is the one that gets the most of my time. I’m fairly okay with that as I do enjoy it so much but I do still want to have time to be published, which does mean writing and reading are necessary beyond me simply enjoying them.

Alternately I was going to post a picture of my word doc where I’m keeping track of all commissions and the details for each but I couldn’t manage to take a picture of it that was recognizable without having to go back to blur out personal information. Because keeping track of everything in this particular habit of mine is a form of a new skill … though somewhat a hold over from those anal retentive days of being an administrative assistant.


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