WIP Wednesday: Blue All Around

Magic Balance (Working Title) – Rewrites
Previous Word Count: 3,285
Current Word Count: 3,285 (Up 0)

Between OwlCon and yarn loveliness I’ve not had much spare time. I’m finding that balance though and should be back at it tomorrow.


Just After Sunset by Stephen King. On a continuing theme … I’ve not had a lot of time to read either. The book is living in the bathroom and I get a couple pages in at a time. I’m still loving the stories though and finding them fun. At the moment I’m on N which I also have as a graphic novel, though I haven’t read it yet. I’m really looking forward to checking that out after finishing the book to see how they compare.

So much going on these days! It’s fantastic! I’m currently on the second sock for a friend, but those aren’t “due” until November, so I’ve got plenty of time. Which is good since they’re about to be put aside to work on a pair of commissioned wrist warmers. First though, socks!

And the beginning of the wrist warmers!

Also in terms of WIP: My first dyeing attempt! I took the left over yarn from the Fireworks Wrist Warmers and added blue food dye. The water looks clear because it’s sat all night and now the yarn’s sucked it all up like a sponge! *glee*
Blue Dye


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Blue All Around

  1. Victoria says:

    That's such a beautiful, delicate cable on the socks! And that blue shows it perfectly, too.


  2. Mary says:

    your dyed yarn looks great, love the lights and darks, thanks for sharing…


  3. Well done with your first dye job – I'd be happy to knit that up!


  4. Shadow Byrd says:

    I am in serious love with that cable. It's a mock cable made by slipping a stitch over and using a YO between the two remaining stitches. So pretty and easy. πŸ˜€


  5. Shadow Byrd says:

    Thank you so much! It looks like I still have some stray oranges in there there after rinsing and such. I'll have to remember to move it around a bit more next time. πŸ™‚


  6. Shadow Byrd says:

    Thank you! I haven't decided yet what I'll make from it but it's going to be awesome! πŸ˜€


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