Crafting Tools

Day 2 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Craft Tools.

My Craft Tools
I figured I’d take on some of the tools that aren’t getting as much love as some of the obvious ones. First up is my laptop, Kaylee (10pts to you if you catch the Firefly reference). Obviously Kaylee has seen a lot of love and attention since I purchased her in 2007. She’s so helpful with multiple crafts that I do. She is the computer that sees all my writing as I work on my novels through her and research various translations, definitions, and alternate words. I use her in knitting a lot as well by looking up patterns, searching Ravelry, researching yarns, and keeping track of various notes I make while working on patterns.
Then there’s the memory card and card reader. I have to have both to make my camera function. One stores the pictures from the camera and the other helps move them Kaylee for editing and publishing. (Kaylee also stores all my electronic patterns and pictures.) I have a plastic bag for most of my knitting notions for around the house, mostly extra row counters, stitch markers, and such. The purple case is a hard plastic and goes in my purse to carry the few things I must have while out, like scissors, a pencil, a couple stitch markers, and darning needles. Naturally both yarn and needles are important to my craft so they’re pictured. My phone is so much help, at times. I can use Google Docs to save my patterns and then I access them via my phone, no paper to fly away while out traveling! I do still use paper patterns, as shown by the paper under the phone. That’s currently the Left Sock pattern for a project on hold. Sometimes the pattern is just a little too involved for the phone, with charts and such so it gets printed and then filed away after use.

2 thoughts on “Crafting Tools

  1. Sarah says:

    Great photo! Tell me, does Kaylee like pink ruffles? 😀


  2. Shadow Byrd says:

    *laugh* No, she's much more into Lovecraft, King, and black and purple. 😉


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