Plans for the Year-ish

I have a ton of yarn sitting here in stash that I need to use thanks to lovely gifts and impulse begging (I don’t buy, husband does that … after I give the eyes). I think I’ve narrowed down what I’m going to do with all of it.

Currently on the Needles:

  1. Deep Bubbles for ? (Is supposed to be a surprise after all)
    • Bubble Stream Sock Pattern
    • Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Deep Waters

Up Next – Stuff I have Yarn for

  1. Grey Socks for Dragon
    • Par 5 Socks Pattern
    • Supersocke Cotton Grey Tweed
  2. Kicky Skew for Self
    • Skew Sock Pattern
    • Walk Away in Kicky
  3. Chocolate Cubes for Self
    • Cubist Sock Pattern
    • Lornas Laces Chocolate
  4. Cabled Gloves for Self
    • Cabled Glovelets Pattern
    • Cascade 220 Superwash in Spruce
  5. FallBerry Set for Self
    • FallBerry Mits, Hat, and Scarf Pattern
    • Caron Simply Soft Celestial
  6. Mint Pomatomus for Self
    • Pomatomus Sock Pattern
    • Patons Stretch Socks in Spearmint
  7. Brown Shawl for Self
    • Colannade Shawl Pattern
    • Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby in Chocolate
  8. Circle Shawl for Self
    • Circular Tweed Pattern
    • I Love This Yarn in Toasted Almond and Coffee
  9. Denim for Self
    • Woven Diamonds Sock Pattern
    • Sugar N Cream in Denim
  10. Amusing for Self
    • Amused Pattern
    • Lion Brand Wool Ease in Chestnut Heather
  11. Sherbet for Self
    • Twisted Sock Pattern
    • Sugar N Cream in Sherbet
  12. Water Socks for Self
    • Twisted Mockery Sock Pattern
    • Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Deep Waters
  13. Caprica Circles for Self
    • Circles Socks Pattern
    • Knit Picks Felici Caprica
  14. Summer Socks for Self
    • Japanese Feather Socks Pattern
    • Patons Grace in Lavender
  15. Earth for Lynn
    • Java Socks Pattern
    • Loops and Threads Impeccable Worsted
Stuff That’s Planned But Waiting on Other People
  1. Gloves and Scarf Duet for Kelli
    • Fireworks Fingerless Mitts Pattern
    • Drop Stitch Scarf 2 Pattern
    • Ella Rae Lace Merino
  2. Mr. Fox Scarf for Sorcha
    • Mr. Fox Stole my Heart Pattern
    • Knit Picks Palette (Most Likely)
  3. Something for Dusti
    • Pattern to be decided after she sends me yarn
    • Wrist Warmers for Stephanie
      • She’s looking for pattern
    • Purple Cherie for Self
      • Cherie Amour Pattern
      • Yarn Bee Princess in Joust (Need 4 more skeins)
    • Knit Corset for Sorcha
    • Knit Corset for Self
    • Bat Shawl for Dusti
    • Brambles Beret for Susan
    • AT-AT for Fiona
      • Waiting on yarn purchase
    • Pineapple Delight Shawl for Sorcha
    • Headband for Jenny
      • Waiting on yarn purchase
    That should be enough to keep me busy for a bit. Any suggestions, concerns, comments?

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