Knitting for Dragon

Around the turn of the year Dragon said he had a project for me. Always eager to help those I love I asked for details. He needed gloves.

I couldn’t resist pointing out that I’d asked if he’d want such a thing over a year ago and he’d then laughed a bit and pointed out that we’re in Texas, such things weren’t necessary. He hails from the much colder north you see and mostly laughs at us silly southerners and our “cold” weather.

But, joking aside, I went hunting for the perfect pattern for him. The only things he asked for was fingerless and a manly shade of black or grey. Are there unmanly shades of black or grey? Anyhow, with him being a photographer I knew he’d need something to make it easy to use his camera. I found a really awesome pattern.

Pattern: Cigar by Kerri Cadd
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted in Black and Grey
Modifications: None that I know of

But that wasn’t enough for me. See, he might not always need the exclusive use of just those fingers. Plus, I now had a whole skein of black that I’d only used about a yard of. So I whipped up a pair of the fingerless gloves that I keep going back to.

Pattern: Snuggles Fingerless Gloves by Anna Peck
Yarn: Lion Bran Wool-Ease Worsted in Grey and Black
Modifications: Just my usual of switching the cables.

I decided to do these in both colors because the grey makes the cables show up a bit better plus they’ll match his scarf a bit closer and look more like an intentional thing rather than the mismatch that knitters occasionally end up with. He can tell at a glance which pair of gloves makes a set and can choose based on what he needs. And I get to wrap my Dragon in a little bit more love.

(Those are Lynn hands in the shots, he’s kind enough to model for me when I need manly hands.)


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