WIP Wednesday: NaNo is Eating my Brain

Fey Led (Working Title) – Rewrites
Previous Word Count: 45,475
Current Word Count: 45,475 (Up 0)

NaNo 2011
Previous Word Count: 25,069
Current Word Count: 41,676 (Up 16,607)

Well, we know where all my time’s been going, no? I feel the story is starting to wrap up and I’m trying to slow it down a bit to reach 50k And if I keep up the current pace I should be finishing early, though with Thanksgiving being tomorrow and me also having a 3 hour drive my writing time will be less. We’ll see.

Um … I doubled my previous progress? Yeah, we’ll go with that.

As soon as NaNo is over I’m diving back into my yarn and I may never come up for air. I miss it!


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