WIP Wednesday: Wrist Warmers, Fey Led & NaNo 2011

Fey Led (Working Title) – Rewrites
Previous Word Count: 43,003
Current Word Count: 44,475 (Up 1,472)

NaNo 2011
Previous Word Count: 1686
Current Word Count: 13,741 (Up 12,055)

Yeah, not a ton done on Fey Led so far but I’m having nearly no problems at all keeping the story going for the WriMo Novel so that’s a bonus. I’m averaging a little more than the minimum goal each day too though I’m hoping to start knocking down the goal for the next day so I’ll have a little cushion. Hopefully, since I know what I will write about today and have some of it mapped out in my mind I can get that done fairly quickly and get more done on Fey Led.

I finished the body of my Chinook Shawl and started the edging! But I’m not going to show you that today. *laugh* I started something new. It’s a pair of fingerless mitts for a friend and while they’re pretty simple I’m learning how to alternate colors up the side of the project. Though the alternating colors are actually helping me keep track of the cables. They’re also making it a lot easier to count my rows so I’m really learning a lot more about construction here than I thought I was going to.


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