Fire and Ice and Everything Nice

Part of what I simply adore about making things for my friends is having them pick out designs that I haven't thought about making because it's either not my style or I simply haven't had time. There's been a couple of times I've finished something and while it turns out as it's supposed to it still wasn't inspiring any sort of envy or need to have one of my own. Typically though? My friends have awesome taste!

I didn't think I'd be all that interested in such things like fingerless mitts since I have my fingerless gloves.  picked a pattern though that I think I'll have to end up making for myself at some point fairly soon … I just have to pick a color.

I hesitate to share the pictures since they're unblocked. But blocking will occur at her hands, not mine. Even unblocked though I think these are gorgeous and were simply so much fun to watch slowly fall into place. I learned a new trick or two as well which is always awesome and makes me think more and more of my own designs that keep coming to mind.

I love that the cables complement each other and twist in opposite ways, both on top and bottom of the warmers. There's a symmetry there that's lovely. I think it's a touch that makes them even more attractive. I really need to pick out a color and make myself a pair. 

Pattern: Fire & Ice Mitts by Roz Marcotte
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Color 889/Spruce
Project Page: Ravelry


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