Covering Hands and Feet

  I generally don’t think about gauge on my knitting projects because I’m usually so close it’s not a concern. Despite almost never using the suggested yarn for a project I usually am pretty good at matching the weight of the yarn so it’s still not a problem. I got a bit overconfident. See, when it’s for a friend I check the weight of yarn versus what is called for about a million times. I have to be sure before I start because I want it to be the best. But this was a glove that I’d done four times before, it was going to be a breeze. It didn’t even occur to me that the yarn was a thicker weight than asked for, this was what I had and what I wanted to use. It’s no wonder at all that the fingers came out a titch too long.

  Luckily Lynn wanted them that way anyhow. He says they’ll be perfect for the maybe 4 really cold days we have here in Texas and for the rest of the semi chilly weather he has the black ones I made that are a little lighter. What tickles me is that I used the left over yarn from Dragon’s scarf,

  And speaking of experiments that work out wonderfully, (at least this time I knew it was an experiment) I finally finished my socks!

  I think it’s the first pair of socks that I did correctly, as per the pattern. I love the striping and how they fit and the heel and everything! The pattern did call for a solid or slightly variegated yarn. I figured the stripes with the pattern would actually look really awesome. It’s fantastic when I’m right!

  I think these are my favorite socks yet! I did get a lot of funny looks before I got the heel turned on them as at that point, since I’m doing toe up, they’re just narrow tubes that are possibly have another purpose if you have a dirty mind. Though it was fun to see just how many people tend to jump to the sexy fun time conclusions. (laugh)


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