WIP Wednesday: Alpaca and Fey Led

Fey Led (Working Title) – Rewrites
Previous Word Count: 24,034
Current Word Count: 24,034 (Up 0)

Yeah, I know. Fiona will probably want to kick my butt for the lack of work done. She can do that on Sunday … Hell, Dragon will probably even offer to hold me down to make it easier on her; he’s mean like that sometimes. *grin* But I was hoping to hear back from a couple more people who’d read the first half of the novel and see how things were going. I mean, to me it makes sense to make sure the foundation of the story is solid before I jump thousands of years in the future. She’s just a slave driver though. *wink*

I finished the cute beret for a friend, it’s finishing up it’s blocking at the moment and when Miss Kid gets here tomorrow I’ll see if she’ll be willing to do model duty. She normally is. So I finally got to cast on for this gorgeous shawl that I’ve been drooling over since I saw it on the site and ordered the kit to make it. It starts out with this alpaca yarn right around your neck. Oh … My … Gods, it’s so incredibly soft. The pattern is a bit intimidating as it’s charted only, and only one repeat is charted. It looks like a lot so I had a mild freak out about that. But then I pulled myself together and told myself to shut the hell up so I could start with row 1.

The thing with being self taught is I don’t have a teacher standing off to the side telling me that I’m not ready for that just yet. I just have to remember to just take it one stitch at a time. However I am having a couple of problems with it. 1. Alpaca is super soft … and super slippery. 2. My metal needles are super slippery for speedy knitting 3. The yarn is incredibly thin!

See the yarn off to the side, yeah, that thin. Luckily I’m knitting with it held double so that helps a bit. See the split ring stitch markers on the other side? The yarn keeps getting caught in those. On the one hand I ‘really’ want stitch markers that don’t have a split on them, on the other I’d need about 18 of them. Hopefully it’ll get easier as I go along. Of course with all those in mind I decided that I needed another project that would require a little less concentration. So I present to you, the start of a capelet.

Again in alpaca …. Because when you’re concerned about difficulty you should totally have two projects with slippery yarn! Nobody claimed I was sane after all.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Alpaca and Fey Led

  1. twistedyarns says:

    I just use split rings when working with lace weight. They're inexpensive and work well for me!


  2. twistedyarns says:

    And by "split rings" I mean the things you use in jewellery making – sorry for being unclear! Like these http://amzn.to/noeN24


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