Sparkly Yarn

Every yarn worker has that yarn in their stash. There’s always the one that is super soft or completely enchanting in some other way. Mine was Southwestern Trading Company Sparkle in Twilight. I’ve spoken of my love on this yarn before so I won’t repeat myself, other than to say it’s all I’d hoped for and then some.

I wanted something small that would quickly dress up an outfit or be perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to an outfit on special nights. I finally found the perfect pattern.

It fairly flew off my needles. I was thrilled with how it worked up. It’s a bit smaller than I’d expected despite following the pattern exactly. Either way I think it’ll be perfect for what I wanted.

Pattern: Chastain Park Shawl
Project Page: Ravelry

I’d also wanted to make a shrug so I’d have options on dressing an outfit up a little bit and I’d get a chance to make something closer to clothing for an adult. So I went pattern searching again and found another great one. Once more it was a quick project, despite my dislike for the larger needles. There’s just something about those that make me fumble fingered. Perhaps if I use a thicker yarn it’ll be a bit easier next time. Anyhow, this came out very nice as well.

I suspect the models on Ravelry are a bit smaller than I am and thus I should have added to the length a bit, but I still like it for me. I’ll probably make another one in simple black at some point and make that one longer.

Pattern: Shrug This
Project Page: Ravelry

Even though I followed both patterns exactly I still ended up with quite a bit of left over yarn. Now to figure out what else I can make out of this gorgeous stuff.


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