Woven Diamonds and Learning

I find that with most of my yarn work I’m learning something. I’ve also learned to mostly just follow the pattern and all will turn out as expected.

On this last set of socks I followed the pattern, even when it made my brain hurt a bit. See, the poster assumes you have some experience with socks and sock construction. I’ve done 2 pair of socks before these but they were both toe up and these were top down which does cause a bit of differences at times.

The instructions at the heel read to knit across the heel stitches once in a knit 1 slip 1 pattern and then turn and purl back. I did that. The next line was to begin the decreasing for turning the heel. Okay, a bit odd but maybe I just have enough experience so I’ll follow it. When I finished that it told me that I had to pick up 12 stitches on either side of the heel. Um … where? I managed to do it but it was very tight in there and didn’t look right at all. I stuck to it though and finished the sock, including learning the kitchner stitch to finish the toes. It was then that I figured out what had gone wrong.

Had their been one little line in the heel instructions I would have been fine. That line? Repeat these two rows for $length. It should have been in there before I began the decreasing for the heel.

So now I sit with a completed sock and a sock that I’m almost to the heel on. Do I do the second one correctly? Do I rip out the bind off and pick back over half the sock to fix it?

Well, if you’re me you say to heck with it and do the second sock incorrectly so they match. After all, the other sock still fits, if a little weird, and they’re being made for wearing with boots so nobody will see them anyhow. Plus a bit of it should be fixed after blocking.

I loved the pattern though and have a second color of yarn to use it again. However this time I’ll be doing the heels correctly. They’ll be perfect for wearing of the boots this autumn and winter, and still attractive should I have to remove my footwear at a friend’s house.

Pattern: Woven Diamond Socks by Alexis Winslow
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream Twists in Country Twists
Project Page: Ravelry


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