WIP Wednesday: Diagonal Lace Socks & Fey Led

Fey Led (Working Title) – Rewrites
Previous Word Count: 13,468
Current Word Count:  14,461 (Up 993)

That seems like a really small number. But! I’m going to call it a victory. That’s only two hours or so of work after having to try ‘really’ hard to get back into the feel of this world. It’s also the only progress I’ve had in terms of writing in almost 2 months. Every step forward is progress and I’ll take all I can get.

After finishing up my shrug on my super large needles I was ready for something smaller, delicate … on sharp and pointy needles. So I grabbed this vibrant and gorgeous yarn that I’d set aside for socks and cast on for the diagonal lace socks I’d been thinking about. I cast on for it about 4 times. First it was just the one by it’s lonesome and then I decided that I should do both at the same time, since I had such a long circular. At first I was okay with them being completely different on the strips and how the colors lined up but the longer I looked at it the more I wasn’t happy with it. So Lynn helped me find where the colors matched closer and we rewound the yarn into balls. And then, after all that I realized that I’d been casting on the for the smaller of the two sizes and wanted the larger size. *sigh* On the plus side I never got more than 5 or 6 rows in before changing my mind. *laugh*

Even with all the fussing with the starts and stops of it all I think it’s very, very pretty. They’ll make lovely socks.

The colors are still a bit off, at least two rows worth. At this point though they’re close enough to be obvious and off enough to be interesting. And I think the pattern itself with be perfect with this yarn.


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