Finished Baby Things

 I finally got pictures of my recently finished things.

First up was another of those awesome hooded blankets. Man those just fly off the needles now.

I love how they’re constructed from the center out and the alternating knit and purl stitches not only give visual interest but mental interest as I’m working on it.

Mr. Bunny just had to get in on the picture taking. I love how it folds all around the wearer and I’ve heard that the hood is awesome since it stays on the baby’s head rather than slipping off like a normal square blanket does when it’s folded over.

Pattern: Sweet Lullaby Seamless Hooded Blanket
Project Page: Edisyn’s Blanket

As a companion piece I also whipped up a small sweater to go along with the blanket. This was my first clothing piece and it was more simple than I’d thought it would be. I’m not positive I did the i-cord edging correctly but I think it’s close enough and cute enough that it works.

I even managed to get the buttons to line up with their respective button holes! And I did a lot of tugging on the buttons to make sure they were on there securely too. Can’t have them coming off.

Pattern: Hello Baby Cardigan
Project Page: Baby Cardigan”

Now to figure out what else I’m going to do with all this yarn I still have left over.


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