Date Weekend

Friday night we settled in at Miller to listen to Doyle Bramhall and The Gourds in concert. We all pretty much agreed that we prefered the opening act of Doyle Bramhall over The Gourds. I think I might enjoy The Gourds more if I could understand what they were saying. Saturday Miss Kidd was picked up by her mother for a weekend with her. Lynn and I had a full day planned for Saturday with eye exams, a movie, and being together. Sunday was sleeping in, cuddling, snuggling and loving the hell out of just being with each other.

The Eyes Have It:
Apparently when I complained for the last two years that my glasses were the wrong prescription I was right. The last office had switched my left and right lens and that’s why I was having such a problem with them. The new doctor fixed it for me and Wow! what a change! Also, you’re not supposed to wear the same contacts for 2 years either. Luckily I now have several more pairs and even more on order. Plus!! I’ve convinced Lynn that he needs new frames! I have managed to drag him closer to the current century in terms of fashion! *glee*

Harry Potter:
It was absolutely everything I could have asked for. I’ve managed to see every single one of them in the theater and loved every moment of it. I really can’t wait until part 2 comes out on DVD so I can marathon them all, one after the other, over a weekend. I laughed at my favorite parts and I cried so much! I’m surprised Lynn’s arm wasn’t dripping since I kept wiping my tears off on him.

In with everything else we also stopped by a Borders and Half Price Books to browse. We’ll likely stop by Borders again in a couple weeks when the sales are a bit more than 10%. We stopped for lunch at China Bear, one of our favorite buffet places. They always have lots of favorites plus new stuff. We were so stuffed and on a time limit since it was before the movie that we didn’t even get to the dessert section. After a bit of running around though we were ready for a cool treat and stopped in at Piccomolo’s Italian Ice Cream. Delicious! I think next year for the 4th we’ll hit up Firehouse Subs next door to them and then Piccomolo’s before going to the park for fireworks.

Sunday night I ran off to have dinner with a friend and bonus surprise guest! I love talking with them and it was a great night. Lynn stayed home to be there when Miss Kid was dropped off. I had the chicken Alfredo and then we all split a huge slice of chocolate cake. It was wonderful to relax and talk with friends.

Limited Art Sale:
[info]zhent  is still having his very limited time art sale. There are some absolutely fantastic shots in his Flickr. I’ve even gone through and posted a few of my favorites. Please stop by and take a look, either at his LJ, his Flickr, or some of the ones I highlighted. Starving artists need food too.

Personals Ad:
I was actually pretty serious about finding Lynn a SSO. Distance is of course a bit of a factor but we’re willing to at least consider things. Though I will say it’s hell finding people he can even chat with since he’s at work so much and really only has time late at night to be online. If you’re interested feel free to leave a comment on that post, it’s screened.

*Note: At the time of this posting LJ is dealing with a DDoS attack and may be unreachable in terms of those links.

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